Scalability and Reliability

It’s no secret, your service delivery platform needs to be up. Downtime isn’t an option when we are talking about communications. So Avalo Networks has built the first zero-failure solution for delivering high availability telephony services. The Avalo Voice Platform is different in many ways but the one that really makes us stand out is our decentralized approach to infrastructure. Unlike our competitors the Avalo Voice Platform uses industry proven off-the-shell open source technology to create a cloud enabled data information storage layer, along with triple redundancy built into every layer of our solution.


The Power of the Cloud, and noSQL

Avalo Networks knew that in order to offer TDM level reliability in the cloud we have to create a fanatical approach to redundancy and scalability.

This meant that we needed to be creative and really think out of the box, using new data storage technology such as CouchDB which offers nearly limitless expandability with in out database fabric. And since CouchDB is a SQLless database it means we could create a whole new storage layer that would be built for the cloud, by the cloud. Changes in one database cluster are instantly replicated to all the other clusters. Unlike SQL based database models there is no lag between when data is inserted into the data storage layer and when it’s pushed out to all of the other nodes in clusters located in different geographic areas.

So what does this all mean to you. The biggest herald of creating true geographic redundancy for telephony has been data replication. How do you get your clients voicemails, extensions, SIP account details to instantly move from one database to another. It was nearly impossible or you had a rather large lag time between updates. With the proprietary storage layer built into the Avalo Voice Platform data can be entered into any cluster any where in the world, and it will be instantly replicated to all the other nodes in all the other clusters anywhere. The data entry point doesn’t matter, and in the event a node is lost or even a whole cluster goes down, no worries. The storage layer will instantly update those lost elements just as soon as they recover and join the storage layer again.



Open Source is our Friend

Many companies have tried to stay away from the Open Source world while Avalo Networks has embraced it. The Avalo Voice Platform is built on open source technologies such as Kamailio and Freeswitch, two of the most popular telephony application platforms on the earth. What does this mean to you?

Open source technologies is proven, not by a few hundred customers as you would have in a closed source environment, but by thousands on thousands of deployments with in an open source community. That means if properly deployed and used it can offer a level of reliability far beyond that of closed source solutions. In additional these frameworks are not written by just a few developers but managed by a cloud community of thousand of contributors. So new features, and standards can be more rapidly built in to tackle an ever changing technological landscape.



Instant Scalability at your service!

Competitors solutions require large CAPEX investments into specialized hardware such as SBCs and media processors. By going the this route, they have in the past been able to ensure a high level of quality, but have scarified the ability to scale easily. The Avalo Voice Platform uses the power of the cloud to automatically scale as needed. Our Cluster management layer constantly monitors all the infrastructure conditions and will scale each of the components of the network depending on network volume, storage requirements, server loads and more. This means the Avalo Networks can offer a solution that can meet the needs of the most demanding customers with a level of grace and pose not see by others in the market. In addition Avalo Networks can offer hybrid-solutions, which can take parts of the Avalo Voice Platform and deploys them directly into our client’s network. This is a perfect solution for those service providers looking to offer a fully managed solution, backed-up by the power of the cloud.