The Avalo Cloud Voice Platform consolidates and integrates all the VoIP and IMS functional elements required to deliver voice services. The horizontal integration results in a single management interface to manage, provision and troubleshoot voice services. This single view helps drive down operational costs, facilitates scalability and accelerates problem resolution. Leveraging open standards, Avalo’s Cloud Voice Platform supports a broad device, back-office and carrier services ecosystem.


Core Platform

Avalo Networks hosts and manages all the elements that a service provider would normally need to buy, build and manage in order to deliver voice services. Avalo Networks provides the complete technology package, including signaling, media, service logic, billing, provisioning and carrier services. Leveraging a network functions virtualization (NFV) architecture the core platform is highly scalable and agile.

Logic Layer

Avalo Networks’ Logic Layer binds all the pieces of the Core Platform together and enables the platform to be managed as a single integrated system rather than as individual point solutions. The Avalo Voice Platform API enables service providers to integrate the management functionality into back office systems and subscriber web portals. Interactions with API are based on industry-accepted standards and secure protocols.


Leveraging the Logic Layer, Avalo Networks provides web-based management portals for the service provider’s operational staff and end-users. Our web portal includes features like drag and drop callflow management, instant DID management and provisioning, device management, and more.


Avalo Networks’ rich set of end-user features can be packaged in multiple ways to create residential, business and mobile services.