The Avalo Voice Platform

The Avalo Voice Platform is a single-source solution for service providers seeking to quickly and profitably deploy next generation voice services. The integrated and turnkey approach allows service providers to significantly reduce the time, capital and human resources required to deliver Voice over IP (VoIP) services. This comprehensive voice solution is purpose-built for and powered by a core platform that provides all the components required to deliver and monetize voice services.


Voice Network as a Service

Avalo Networks brings together the power of the cloud, open source technologies and an elastic business models which permit a new level of flexiblity to a wider array of solutions providers. The Avalo Voice Platform provides ultimate scale and agility while a Software as a Service (SaaS) model eliminates capital expenses and reduces risks for VoIP deployment and product innovation decisions.

The Avalo Voice Platform features comprehensive back-office integration and management tools that enable automation of administration and provisioning and significantly drives down time and costs related to customer care and support. Avalo Networks is per-integrated with wholesale voices carriers, addressing the voice transport, local exchange capabilities and PSTN interconnections, CNAM registrations and e911 delivery all from one easy to use web-portal. Alternatively, Avalo Networks also supports models where providers provide their own carrier services or use a combination of our per-integrated carrier and their own network originated services.

Avalo Networks hosts and manages the entire solution, allowing service providers to “cloud source” VoIP instead of building and running a network.


Reliable and Scalable

Built with PSTN replacement in mind, the Avalo Voice Platform is reliable and scalable. It is optimized for delivering high quality, carrier-class and regulatory compliant communications solutions. Avalo Networks is the first solutions provider to truly embrace the power of the cloud. Our automated network management layer monitors all the aspects of our offering and can instantly scale resources to meet the current demands placed on them by our customers needs. Then when the high-demand period has subsided scale down those resources. All of this is down “behind the curtain” so you as the service provider and your customers never notice a difference if quality of services provided.



More Features and you can shake a stick at

We know that your customers demand feature rich solutions, so that’s why our base set is fairly impressive. Sure we offer things like 7 digit dialing, extension-to-extension calling, voicemail-to-email, drag and drop callflow management and so much more! But what really gets people going is how expandable the Avalo Voice Platform is. We have built an extensive API which allows you to build new features and applications on top of our existing offering. Create CRM integrations, build specialized Conferencing features, create a voice notification applications. All of this can be done using the Avalo Platform API which is well documented.