The majority of the voice services market continues to be stuck on expensive and inflexible legacy circuit-switched networks. Service providers need to ditch legacy gear and quickly move to IP to deliver new services and reduce the total cost of ownership—especially as market dynamics present an intensely competitive and profit challenged environment.


Supporting greenfield voice launch, market expansion, initial migration to VoIP or as a replacement for an older implementation of next generation voice, the Avalo Networks solution portfolio provides the clear choice for voice. Providing better economics and faster time to market, the Avalo Cloud Voice Platform delivers a comprehensive feature-set for residential and business voice services. The Avalo Networks solution set addresses the voice delivery needs for:


Existing Telcos

It’s hard to change service models. There is considerable CAPEX and time that needs to be spent retooling your business to provide enhanced services like Host PBX and SIP Trunking. But Avalo Networks takes care of all of that. Our single-source SaaS model makes expanding into new markets easy with creative solutions such as hybrid-network deployments offering on-net services and easy management of your resources.

Cable & Mobile Providers

Cable and Mobile providers are looking for away to take their existing infrastructure and use it again in new ways. Avalo Networks can help by allowing them to create new service offerings that apply beyond their existing suite of services. With very little effort, existing Cable and Mobile operators can start offering IP enabled products like Digital VoIP Phone Service and next generation mobility products which enable a user to seamlessly move between their Hosted PBX extension and their Mobile Cellular device natively.

VoIP Professionals

The Avalo Voice Platform isn’t just for offering Hosted PBX, SIP Trunking, and Digital VoIP Phone services. It’s extensive set of APIs make it the perfect solution to build your new telephony enabled application on. With a simple call to one of hundreds of well documented API Functions you can places calls, play messages, send text messages and so much more. In addition the Avalo Voice Platform is the first application framework that is complete carrier netural. Unlike others in the market, Avalo Networks doesn’t believe in telling you where you need to send your calls, or who you place your SMS messages with. Sure if you want you can use the relationships we built with the major Tier 1 providers, but you don’t have too. With Avalo Networks, and the Avalo Voice Platform, you have choices.