Network Time Outage – 150720 — Resolved

5:00pm ET – 01/08/2018 — RESOLVED

We have verified that the Hot Fix has resolve the issue on both V3 and V4 (Flex UC). Customer using our hosted platforms, should be completely normalized at this point. Any further issues should be reported as new active tickets. All tickets that were part of the group ticket 150720 will not be closed. Customer on managed clouds and dedicated deployments should request that their ticket be moved to group ticket 150822 so that deployment of the hot fix can be setup.

4:26pm ET – 01/08/2018

Hot Fixes have been deployed to both the V3 and V4 (Flex UC) platforms. The issue at this point should be resolved. However we won’t close the issue until we have checked with all customer that reported a on the issue. Customer on their own Managed Clouds, or on dedicated deployments have not be updated yet. Once the hot fix has been verified on our hosted platforms, updated rpms will be created and pushed out.

4:11pm ET – 01/08/2018

We have determined the issue, and it is a bug found in the linux kernel liberty which manages standard out time function with in the ISO 8601 calculation. We are actively working on creating a hot patch for the issue and should have it shortly. Once completed and tested, it will be deployed to our hosted platforms first. From there we will work on pushing the update out to customer with dedicated platforms.

3:34pm ET – 01/08/2018

We are still in the process of investigating the issue. We will continue to provide updates to customer effected. Please standby

2:02pm ET – 01/08/2018

Notifications to all customer of this issue is sent out via email. Group Ticket 150720 is created. Customer effected by the issue should ask to be placed in this group ticket so they will get updates as they happen.

All Other Call Processing is still NOT effected

11:30am ET – 01/08/2018

Customer reported issues with Auto Attendants not using the correct “Time State” on both V3 and the Flex UC Platforms. Investigation into the issue exposed a problem with the Global NTP servers not reporting the correct time. The issue appears to be wide spread.

All other Call Processing is not effected

  • 8 Jan, 2018
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